R T Tube

R T Tube,is known as a Radiologically Inserted Gastrostomy Tube, is a medical device used in the field of healthcare treatments. It is a specialized tube that is inserted into the stomach through a radiological procedure, allowing for the administration of nutrition, fluids, and medications directly into the gastrointestinal system. R T Tube is commonly used for patients who are unable to consume food orally, have swallowing difficulties, or require long-term nutritional support. Akhil Health and Home Care is a healthcare service provider that offers the R T Tube service. Their team of experienced medical professionals performs the radiological insertion of the tube, ensuring precision and safety. They work closely with patients and their caregivers, providing comprehensive care and education on the proper use and maintenance of the R T Tube. Akhil Health and Home Care prioritize patient comfort and well-being, delivering personalized and compassionate care throughout the entire process.